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Can You Remember a Time When You Weren’t Searching?

Can you remember a time in your life when you didn’t have some aching, longing feeling going on in the background? The feeling may have ebbed and flowed, been stronger and weaker, even for years at a time, but you always knew from the depths of your being, that you have a connection with the infinite, a connection that seems broken or lost.

Do You Feel Trapped?

Getting the feeling of being stuck and unable to Release can happen because our mind can rise up without our noticing. Momentum is very important in Releasing. We have built up the negative mind for a long time and energy is needed to Release that negativity. We must take responsibility for our momentum. When we keep up our momentum, we keep our discriminator open and sharp, so we can see what is going on in our life.

Anger: Out of control because of being so mad!

Tweet Well if you keep telling yourself, “You are out of control!”  “You are so mad!”  Well you are holding that reality in mind.  The more you complain about being angry or mad, the more you are focused on that reality; therefore sustaining the problem instead of working towards a positive resolution.  We don’t realize it that we are fueling our thoughts in anger.  These angered thoughts are also suggesting we are out of control.  We are sustaining the problem by responding in anger; therefore the problem is gaining momentum and the resolution actually appears to be further out of …

Making the best out of a bad situation

When life hands out lemons, why not make lemonade! This approach is deciding to view all situations and circumstances as an opportunity of seeing everything in a good way. The more we practice viewing things positively will help us to shift our attitude away from ‘I can’t…’ towards “I can!”

Eliminate This and Be Happy

Tweet An interesting thought popped into my mind.  Let’s see if you think it’s interesting too.  Here’s the thought: “Loose lips sink ships”.  We’ve all heard that old wartime saying.  How about an updated version?  “Loose lips sink lives.” Consider love and hate. Let’s start with hate. I’m somewhat an authority on it.  I’ve been a hater.  It’s true.Before Larry Crane came along in my life andintroduced me to Lester Levenson, I was a hater.  I was pretty darn good (or should I say, bad at it), to be perfectly straight with you.  Am I all done being a hater …