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Can You Remember a Time When You Weren’t Searching?

Can you remember a time in your life when you didn’t have some aching, longing feeling going on in the background? The feeling may have ebbed and flowed, been stronger and weaker, even for years at a time, but you always knew from the depths of your being, that you have a connection with the infinite, a connection that seems broken or lost.

Making the best out of a bad situation

When life hands out lemons, why not make lemonade! This approach is deciding to view all situations and circumstances as an opportunity of seeing everything in a good way. The more we practice viewing things positively will help us to shift our attitude away from ‘I can’t…’ towards “I can!”

Worry Does Not Solve Problems

Tweet By Dennis Sullivan When we have a situation, a trouble, or a problem we can’t resolve, the very first thing we do habitually is, we ask our mind for a solution. Our mind is a recording and playing back unit. If our mind knows, we don’t have to ask. The answer is recorded and automatically pops up. The information comes up instantly. If we need to ask our mind, we already know our mind doesn’t have the answer. Silly isn’t it? We continually ask our mind, when we know our mind doesn’t have the answer? Go into that empty …

What’s bothering you?

Tweet Perhaps you’ll agree that when something is bothering you, it prevents you from being at peace.  In truth, the more we try to figure out “what-to-do” or “what-not-to-do” actually keeps the situation from changing.  Take a moment and look at this consideration more carefully.  Whatever we are focused on, is what we are creating for ourselves.  So the more we dislike someone or something, is causing us to actually attract more of those unwanted situations into our life.  As perplexed and almost backwards as this appears, when we are thinking negatively or from a limited point of view, we …

Are you paying attention to your aversions?

Tweet We know that an aversion is anything that we don’t like.  We also know that it’s also something we choose to avoid.  Basically an aversion feels like, “Get that away from me!”  And yet we know what we resist, will persist.  When we are see things as being a problem it is only because we are resisting.  We don’t really want to see what we are holding in mind.  Remember that where there is an attachment, there is also an aversion.  On the attachment side, we have a subconscious need to have something (someone) in our life.  The aversion …