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K.I.S.S. Lester’s Way

Tweet Lester Levenson is an American Master who was aware of his total freedom and a Realized person. Every word that has been saved for us is an incredible jewel of wisdom that is easy to understand and powerfully touches us deep within our Being. Lester is very direct and succinct in his explanations of the path to happiness.

What kind of life are you deciding to have?.. Part 2

Tweet Is the world really a reflection of what’s going on in our mind? Is everything that has ever happened to us really a product of our decisions? Believe me, I understand if you may find this to be a ridiculous notion. Why would someone decide to experience a big smash-up in their life? Who, in their right mind, would decide to get abused, killed, and so on? It’s not my intention to open up a philosophical discussion. Rather, in an effort to keep this idea – that each of us decides what we experience – practical (and scientifically provable), …

How to get unstuck from the muck

Tweet Do you have a “recurring” issue in your life – something you seem to go “round and round” with and get nowhere? Are you ready to turn it around once and for all? It’s easier than you think. Chances are you have already been thinking about it plenty. But has your mind had an effective solution to offer? Of course not – if it did, you wouldn’t still have the problem!

Could it get even better?

Tweet —just a quick note that updates are coming very soon— This past weekend, Larry hosted a conference with the teachers and staff to sharpen their proficiency and share new techniques that empower releasers to knock out limiting thoughts and feelings near instantaneously. If you’re finding yourself stuck, there’s no better time to call in for support. In the meantime, until we all get settled in and back on track here, let me take a moment to remind you that it’s not over ‛til it’s over.

Abundance is a flow – and you don’t have to know “how”

Tweet You may heave heard before that abundance is your natural state – that financial abundance, vibrant health, loving relationships, and complete happiness are your birthright. But it may also sound like a stretch if you currently appear to be living without any of these things. Have you ever wondered (and asked your mind) how to have abundance, how to create a positive cash flow, how to have a healthy and vibrant body?